MTI CarePortal

MTI Telehealth CarePlatform

Introducing the MTI  CarePortal

A comprehensive and customizable cloud-based information portal designed for
physicians and healthcare providers.

Remotely monitor, connect, and care for patients via a secure web-based telehealth platform:

  • Automatically receive patient’s physiologic test and
    medication data
  • Automated rules-based reports and alerts of actionable
    information for quick triage of patients
  • Quickly view trending of historic data provides visibility
    to preceding and precipitous events
  • Connect and communicate with patients, other heath
    professionals, and patient’s caregivers via secure email,
    SMS, and fax

Developed for:

  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Physician Group Practices
  • Home Health Providers
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Senior Care Service Companies
  • Assisted Living Facilities

Optimize Patient Care and Outcomes

The MTI CarePortal — a HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform, delivering a full suite of time-saving capabilities to remotely monitor, communicate and care for your patients.

The MTI CarePortal also provides the patient, family members and caregivers with single point access to care information and records.

The Portal clearly displays patients’ physiologic testing results in real time. Using 2Net® technology (Qualcomm), Smartphones, or other physiological data collection hubs, like the GoHome, the MTI CarePortal enables the collection and display of most types of physiologic
data, regardless of the manufacturer. Receive subjective assessments through question sets and electronic patient diaries.

Clinical Dashboard for Quick Triage
The CarePortal’s Clinical Dashboard allows for quick, single-screen monitoring of patient’s status. Quickly triage patients based on your specified metrics and receive actionable data alerts to prioritize care. Short and long term trending of historic data provides visibility to preceding and precipitous events.

Automated Rules-Based Alarms and Alerts
Create alarms and alerts for individual patients or patient groups at individualized thresholds to provide actionable notifications. Alarms/Alerts can be sent via email or SMS, and can be assigned to multiple individuals (physician, case manager, nurse, etc.). Automated patient reminders to improve treatment adherence, including medication and testing reminders.

Easily Connect and Communicate
Easy and secure bi-directional communication with patients and care team members via email or SMS. Automatically create customizable patient question and answer sessions or a daily diary for patients; and receive alerts for patient status changes or events.

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