GoSpiro®  Home Spirometer

The first spirometer specifically designed for connected health applications

Provides diagnostic quality test results, delivering spirometry data that is reimbursable and making the results acceptable for clinical trials conducted at home.

  • Real-time flow and volume streaming data for on-screen visualization
  • Full Flow-Volume loops with both inspiratory and expiratory data analysis
  • Automated Slow Vital Capacity and subdivisions protocol
  • Volume based measurement provides for long term calibration stability
  • Meets ATS/ERS/ISO waveform testing requirements
  • Built-in quality control with measured and calculated error indices
  • Bluetooth® enabled wireless communication
  • Interfaces to computers, tablets, and smartphones and other data collection hubs
  • Meets stringent ISO and FDA Home-Use standards


All measurements and calculations are performed inside the GoSpiro® so that no matter what computer, tablet, smartphone, or data hub collects the data, no new FDA submissions are required for using all of its capabilities.


Volume is measured at BTPS conditions, which avoids temperature and humidity correction errors. Measurements are validated to altitudes of >8000 feet, assuring accurate data from patients even living at high altitudes.


Built-in quality control with calculated error indices assures lab-quality results. The GoSpiro collects and transmits Time-to-Peak Flow, Back-Extrapolated Volume, Cough Detection, Total Expiratory Time, and End-Expiratory Flow Detected.


“Lisa” the avatar based, real-time patient coaching and test review is available on the GoHome™ Platform.

“Lisa” the avatar based, real-time patient coaching and test review is available on the GoHome Platform.


Flow-time curve with ideal time to peak flow marker and 6 sec countdown timer provide patient performance quality cues.


Test results dashboard provides patient feedback for comparative performance with graphic and tabular data.

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